"Sports teaches you a lot.
Dedication and perseverance are two beautiful gifts to be done every day.

Yurima Gonzalez

Touristic operator

I'm Yurima, 39 years old and I was born in Venezuela. I moved to Italy at the age of 20 and since then I have always lived in Rome. My second home. My beautiful city. For business reasons I have always visited the city from a tourist point of view. That's why I started running very early in the morning and cross the streets when it's still dark and deserted. My ""open-air museum"" tour as I like to call it. I love sports and being in motion, doing new activities and have fun!

//// Why did you start running - what was your motivation?

Due health problems I have not been able to move well for a long time. I spent about 2 years of rehabilitation and walking properly or raising both arms were really conquests. This is why I'm so happy with all the small and big goals that I've achieved by practicing sport. I would like to pass on the people that hope is being cultivated day by day. That with patience the goals are reached and that we must be fun as much as possible.

//// Do you remember your first race? How was your feeling when you finished?

My first race was the Appia Run, a nice route of about 12 km. Just crossing the finish line seemed like a miracle. It was exciting to run along with a lot of people and to get the applause and incitement of the public. I will remember that moments for all my life. 

//// What is the one run you'll never forget, and why?

My firts marathon. For all the reasons described above, I would never ... never thought of being able to run for 42km 195mt. Crossing that finishe line with the person I love was something wonderful. I felt grateful to be alive.

//// Why are you a 361° ambassador? What motivates you to go beyond expectations?

Definitively my my whole life it was beyond expectations. I could have surrendered so many times, but I have always gone on.