Running enthusiasts selected to join the finish event in Shanghai!

After 12.000KM and 8 countries Kai Markus – and Victor – will be crossing the finish line on December 16th in Shanghai. We couldn’t be more proud and amazed by this special team and their performance!

Of course this performance needs to be celebrated with a finish event in Shanghai! To celebrate the end of the project we’ve invited two running enthusiasts who will be completing the last 5-10 KM of the Silk Road together with Kai Markus, Victor and other running friends. Running the last part with people from all over the world will be another boost to building a cultural bridge and connect people by running together.

So let us first introduce you to Paula! Paula is from Germany - running enthusiast –and has her own blog about Running & Fitness. When she heard about being selected to visit the finish event in Shanghai she was truly amazed; ‘’Are they serious? What an amazing chance! I've never been travelling outside Europe and exploring Shanghai with 361° Europe is a unique chance to meet Kai Markus, Victor and runners from the other side of the world!’’

Being impressed by the project she really would like to talk with Kai Markus & Victor about their adventures and making dreams come true! ‘’This project shows everyone that dreams shouldn’t always stay dreams, but that everybody can do things which look impossible in first place’’

Michele lives in France and already is an ambassador for 361º Europe. The first adventure with 361º started already last summer; ‘’The partnership allowed me to step into a new dimension of my running experience. I ran my first marathon and 361º supported me all the way from the long training period to the big day! Visiting the finish event in Shanghai is not just a new experience, it’s a real dream!’’

Michele admires people like Victor and Kai Markus who are able to do something extraordinary. Besides the physical effort he’s also fan of the social motivation of this run! ‘’I think it’s very important to show the world that we can have a multicultural society and sport is a good way to connect people.’’

Are you curious about the experiences of Paula and Michele in Shanghai? Paula will write a piece for Runner’s World Germany about the event, culture and experiences in Shanghai. Besides that, of course they both will keep you updated by using their own and our social media channels during entire trip. Running connects and we’re looking forward to the finish event of two very special people who have been performing beyond expectations since the start in Hamburg!

Stay tuned,

Team 361º Europe