@Runmysilkroad crossed the border from Poland to Belarus!

Already 21 days ago since Kai left Hamburg for his journey to Shanghai. In these 21 days he already crossed two borders, ran ± 1500KM and met a lot of inspiring people on his way. Currently Kai is running in Belarus and experiences a lot of great things but also faces some challenges.  

One of Kai’s stories started at the border from Poland to Belarus where he and Victor walked into a tiny problem. ‘’We didn't know that you can’t take used spare tires with you to Belarus", Kai explained. "It is legally allowed to take one spare tire for one car but we wanted to import three in total - two on the top and one in the car. One option would had been to bring back the spare tires. But then we would have had an additional problem because our visa allows only one single entry." When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

At the end the border crossing took a lot of time, but luckily Kai and Victor met two local ladies who helped them to finally cross the border and get into that wonderful country. Kai and Victor decided to change his initial plan and took the rest day a day earlier than planned. The both guys together with their new friends  did some sightseeing and experienced the beauty of the country. #beyondexpectations 


Kai was overwhelmed by the people in Belarus: ‘’Our newly met local friends offered great hospitality and we are very thankful for what they did for us while spending time in Belarus.’’

Looking forward to hearing more of these inspiring cross cultural experiences.

Stay tuned!

361° Team Europe