361º team Europe is full of energy to support Kai & Victor (Video)

Last week 361º Europe did something #beyondexpectations. Our team went to the dunes nearby our Office in Haarlem (Netherlands) to motivate and support Kai & Victor with a personal video message! Check it out! :)

The video was inspired by the +1 challenge of Victor. In his routine Victor is doing 1 lap around the car, 1 push up and 1 sit up for each day he’s traveling with Kai Markus. Since Kai Markus runs every day approx. 60 km Victor felt the need to also perform #beyondexpectations. Can you imagine doing this challenge on day 200?

We are proud of you guys. You are our inspiration every day. 

Kai and Victor – both of you bring our brand mantra #beyondexpectations to life. Thanks for your passion, motivation and love for the project. 

Do you also want to show some support? Follow them on social media and go #onedegreebeyond with your own +1 challenge!

Stay tuned,


361º Europe