I was lucky to try the new 361º Meraki 3 - Review by Suzie Bear

I was lucky to try the new 361º Meraki 3 - my first time in Merakis. I have been using them for my faster track sessions and tempo runs due to feeling light and, being a neutral shoe, they give great fore foot cushioning and support- ideal as I tend to plant my forefoot more during faster runs.

They also give a great feeling of contact with the ground creating a nice feeling of responsive acceleration with quick toe-break over. Their well supported QU!KFOAM mid sole gives ideal comfort and stability for longer runs - making this a very versatile shoe. I have used them on the track, paths and roads all the time giving me great feeling of traction and absorption across a range of surfaces.

While I am all about function and performance over aesthetics, you can't help but fall in love with the design and colours of these trainers - I'm a particular fan of the bright blue (sea/glass). But they come in a range to suit all tastes from the brighter to the more subtle colours. These trainers are stable yet responsive and definitely have both substance and style! Can't wait to go One Degree Beyond in my 361º's this season!

Suzie Bear

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