After running more than 11000KM from Hamburg to China, Kai Markus – is currently facing serious challenges.

Kai Markus who started his run from Hamburg to Shanghai on the 12th of March 2017 to breakdown prejudice – a journey of running about 237 days, 12000KM and in 8 countries. Kai was lately running nearby Enshi in China when something unexpected happened. On Friday the 29th of September - after 202 days and more than 11000km - Kai Markus needed to jump away for an upcoming car – landed safely - but then slipped away and fell down in a ditch. Right away Kai Markus knew that this is a serious injury. He immediately sent his wife his current location and a voice message ‘’Help, I fell down and need help’’. She called the emergency number of China as well as friends who were located nearby. After an ambulance picked him up he arrived in the hospital and the doctors told him that he fractured both of his heel bones. With only one month and 1200KM to go until crossing the finish line in Shanghai - this is really a sad chapter of the Runmysilkroad project.

Kai Markus is a man with dedication, discipline and besides that a strong motivator for others. The doctors couldn’t help him right after the accident (his feet where to swollen), so Kai Markus started already thinking about the continuation of the project. For example: an important part of the Runmysilkroad project are the cultural days to really connect people of different cultures. These days have been planned in different cities. A cultural day was already planned in Enshi on the day after the accident, Kai wanted to hold on to the plans and simply used a wheelchair to make sure to show up on that day. He has given a speech to local students and they where really impressed by him, his project and his willpower to continue his life dream.


In the week after the accident the doctors started preparing the surgery and decided to use screws and plates for the best and fastest possible way of recovery. This surgery was done at the Enshi Hospital on the 4th of October and went quite successfully! The days after the doctors advised him to take some rest - but strong-minded as he is - he started already working on his rehabilitation process by doing all possible exercises in his bed! From the same bed he also motivates other people in the room to do rehabilitation exercises with him for a faster recovery. Are you interested in his rehabilitation and exercises? Follow @runmysilkroad on Instagram. 


Since the beginning of the project, Kai Markus & Victor – (driver of the bug and caravan) have become a strong team! With having a lot of ups and downs because of being the complete opposites they always found a way to proceed while learning from each other. While Kai was running, Victor drove 5-10km with his car and waited for Kai to catch up again. Kai Markus was doing a more performance orientated challenge by running from Hamburg to Shanghai and Victor was enjoying the adventure with his vintage car, a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Besides this Victor always made sure there was something to drink and/or eat for Kai when arrived at the planned location. They both couldn’t make this adventure without the help of each other! 

Because of his character, Kai motivated the less sportive Victor to do something active in this project as well. Already at the start in Hamburg they both came up with the idea of the +1 challenge for motivating other people by sharing their videos on social media. This challenge includes three exercises and every day of their journey they added +1 to all exercises. For Victor this challenge exists of running around the car, push-ups and sit-ups. Kai was doing instead of the running some weightlifting exercises by using one of their water cans. Besides this +1 challenge, Kai motivated Victor to do other things beyond his own limits. He started to enjoy running and even ran 33km once and 10km in less than 1 hour. And this is not everything - Kai Markus even convinced Victor to overcome his fear of heights by going mountain climbing together with him.  All these challenges helped Victor to get more self confidence, get physically stronger, improve the team spirit and motivated each other in difficult times.

When Kai Markus had the accident near Enshi, Victor wasn’t around because he needed to find a garage for his Volkswagen Bug from 1984. This was necessary because earlier that day the car had an engine failure. On the exact same day Kai and Victor couldn’t continue their life dream and they both got stuck in Enshi, China for different reasons. This must have been a sign – obviously. After being with each other for more than 200 days they started to think the same way and even if they weren’t together that day they both were already thinking about different possibilities to make sure to reach the finish line in Shanghai as soon as possible. By having in mind that the car broke down and Kai would need a recovery time of 8-12 weeks, it was not possible to end this project with the same routine as before. They needed to come up with a new plan. Because Victor did some running in combination with the +1 challenge, he got physically and mentally stronger than before. For this reason they came up with an idea to reach the finish in Shanghai as a team! From now on the roles have changed and Victor will do the running and Kai will support him in every possible way! Because Victor is less trained than Kai, the updated plan will take a bit longer than the original but is still beyond expectations.

Because safety is the most important and Victor is less experienced, he will run about 20-25 KM a day around the city where Kai is staying at that moment. When Victor will have make the total distance to the next city they both will take a car, train or plane to the next location. In each city the cultural days will be continued as planned and Kai will give speeches about the project and his experiences at different universities. Their new arrival time has already been set and they want to finish both running to Shanghai at ± 14-17 December.

- Yichang 21-24 Oct

- Wuhan: 09-11Nov

- Tongling 30-Nov -  2-Dec

- Shanghai 14 – 17 Dec (Estimated arrival time)

For both this will be a new chapter on their journey to Shanghai. It will be hard and challenging, but we, team 361º Europe, believes strongly in the team -  they will make it and that they’re going to perform beyond expectations – as always! Follow Victor – and Kai Markus and see how they deal with their new challenges. But first of all – Kai – get well soon.

Good luck Kai & Victor!