361° Goes Trail Running

As runners we all love to run around in the most beautiful environments. We take our running shoes with us on every trip and often get them dirty getting lost on a single track. But sometimes you notice you just need a little bit more when you spend more time out on the trails. That is why we created our first real collection of trail shoes. This season we introduce 2 new models. First the 361-Yushan, a real trail work-horse. Second the 361-Taroko, a very versatile option for those who make their first steps on the trails.

One piece knitted upper to provide comfort and protection and Fitz-Rite midfoot cage to keep the foot secure on the platform.

361° Yushan

Our trail workhorse. Built for rocky, dusty and even muddy terrains and for long hours on the trails.  

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Rounded heels to smoothen landings in rocky terrain.





Full length one-piece outsole including forefoot rock protection.



361° Taroko

The new 361-Taroko is your road-to-trail introduction.  

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The midsole carries full-length QU!KFOAM for comfort and cushioning while the outsole is a road-to-trail version so you can use it also for hybrid situations.



The upper construction is a reinforced knit material to provide a smooth fit.





Secures very nicely around the midfoot when you lace up.