361° Women

You run to be free. You run to feel yourself. You run to win. You have what it takes to get to the top and that is your 361°equipment. The road is your home and the woods are your playground. You vary the distance depending on your mood and aspirations. The only thing that stay the same are your items. We made them just for you and your individual needs. Great designs in many colors, innovative technology, and perfect fit included.

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Every fiber of our active apparel adds a piece of our 361° philosophy to your workout. All materials are tested to function, be effective and perform. Moisture is transferred through the fabric away from your skin and even when temperatures are low, you stay warm and dry. With the water- and wind-repellent materials of the BQU!K collection you can run in all weathers — the light NX2SKN tanks or F!T KIT jackets stay in motion and they come in styles and designs for men and women.

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Mornings are perfect for a little jog before going to the office, on the weekends you prefer a mountain scenery. Regardless of where and how long you go for a run, the trainers by 361° are as flexible as your workout sessions. Our designers mixed together only the best features to make our shoes fit every occasion. The high-quality fabric of the upper prevents your feet from excessive perspiration. The QU!KFOAM sole is very robust thanks to carbon and hard rubber. Three layers with CPU coating provide high-responsive attenuation.


361°Ortega 2 

Whether you're an occasional off road enthusiast or a serious trail runner, the 361-ORTEGA 2 will meet most of you off road running needs. To and from and off the beaten path the 361-ORTEGA 2'S  Rebound EVA with QU!KFOAM™ will provide enhanced cushioning on or off-road.

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361°Spire 2

361-SPIRE 2 is successor to 361°'s most cushioned shoe the 361-SPIRE. Building on the cushioned yet responsive ride of it's predecessor, the 361-SPIRE 2 has added a light and comfort upper design utilizing an open triangular pattern and multi-layer mesh optimizing lightweight, breathability and fit.

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The Technology

361° QU!KFOAM®

The perfect blend of EVA and rubber is our ground for highest performance and convert energy into responsive cushioning.

Fast and Soft

For a soft and perfect fit.

The soft but still firm core with CPU coating for long-term cushioning in every run.

Be safe and stable on every ground.