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 Running in Lanzhou, Gansu province, China

After running for more than 10.000KM and 180 days, Kai Markus – Runmysilkroad.com arrived last week in Lanzhou, China for a new cultural day. Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province and located next to the Yellow River. The city has more than 3,5 million inhabitants and historically it has been an important link to the Northern Silk Road.


 Made it to the cultural day in Dunhuang, China!

Last week Kai Markus – Runmysilkroad.com and Victor – Soletsgo360 had a great cultural experience in Dunhuang, China. But days before entering the city Dunhuang they had some problems with the car. With a bit of luck they made it to the Cultural day in time!


 Running in the heat

A big part of the Silk Road is going through the desert. By car this can already be a serious challenge, so imagine if you run this road #beyondexpectations like Kai Markus – runmysilkroad.com does it currently. Read about his experience in one of the most challenging parts on his journey and find out how he deals with extreme heat, sand and dust in the desert.


 First experiences of Kai Markus in China

Last week Kai Markus crossed the border to China - his second home country. China might be the country with the biggest cultural differences on his journey. Is that really true, or is this just a prejudice? Read about his first impressions and follow him on his journey crossing the border from Kyrgyzstan to China. 


 ‘’The cultural bridge has been closed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’’

The 361º team Europe together with the 361° team China visited Kai Markus almost halfway on his journey in Tashkent. East met West in Uzbekistan – the country Kai ran almost 40 days through on his trip from Hamburg to Shanghai. It is just amazing to see Kai Markus´ still running full of energy and motivation to finally enter China – the last destination on his journey. The border is getting closer and closer – BUT in China he will have more than 6000 km of running ahead! #Beyondexpecations



 361º Sensation2 (UZB1 - Uzbekistan1) | Review based on long term usage

Kai Markus – the best test runner – sent us his extraordinary test results of the Sensation 2. Thanks Kai for the strong belief in our brand and the product we create. Read his review here!


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