‘’The cultural bridge has been closed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’’

The 361º team Europe together with the 361° team China visited Kai Markus almost halfway on his journey in Tashkent. East met West in Uzbekistan – the country Kai ran almost 40 days through on his trip from Hamburg to Shanghai. It is just amazing to see Kai Markus still running full of energy and motivation to finally enter China – the last destination on his journey. The border is getting closer and closer – BUT in China he will have more than 6000 km of running ahead! #Beyondexpecations

Watch the video about the running experience of Kai Markus together with Victor and Bahtiyor. Get to know the guys of Runmysilkroad.com traveling in Uzebekistan for more than 35 days!


Of course the 361º team did not want to visit the guys empty-handed. They provided Kai and Victor with new colour updates of the 361° Sensation 2 – Kai's favourite all-round running shoe! Red fits China perfectly – hope that the new ones will carry him easily on his way.

Currently Kai Markus is running in the ‘Fergana Valley’ in the East of Uzbekistan. This means Kai Markus and Victor are crossing the border to Kyrgyzstan this Friday already. Kyrgyzstan will be the last country before they will enter China! This will be one of the most challenging countries of his Journey.  Running in different altitudes and mountains up to 3700m! #Beyondexpectations. Because of this challenging environment, 361º Europe, an editor from Runner's World Germany and an editor from Competitor Running US are going to visit him in Sary-Tash, Kyrgyzstan next week for a great story about the project!

Follow Kai Markus - Runmysilkroad.com on his way through the Fergana Valley. ‘’This valley should be like a little paradise’’, mentioned Kai full of excitement.  

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