Running in Shanghai!

When you think of Shanghai, running is probably not the first thing which comes into your mind. But when team 361º Europe visited this international city with a population of more than 24 million people we took our change to explore some running locations.

If you visit another country and step into another culture you can have prejudices before you arrive. Especially when it comes to running there are different things which are important for your experience. How are the streets? How’s the food? Etc. We asked Paula and Michele who joined us in Shanghai about their experiences and the best running locations.  

Michele: ‘’Before leaving to Shanghai I heard about pollution and possible heavy traffic. This combination instantly made me thinking that Shanghai couldn’t be a good running location. As soon as I arrived, I understood that I was wrong! Pollution wasn’t a problem and the streets are less chaotic than I expected which totally broke down my prejudice. It surprised me in a positive way!

Paula and Michele both agreed that ‘’The Bund’’ is the best running location in the city. This great route besides the Shanghai River has a nice view of the Shanghai Skyline. It’s also nice to see that a lot of people are doing there workout. Quite an unique running location in such a big city! Do you want to experience the Chinese culture, then just take a detour and explore the smaller streets. Here you’ll find local markets and Chinese architecture.

Training with a local running group wasn’t really different for both of them. Paula: ‘’Running with the university training group showed me once more that running is the same in each country. Just like in Europe they’re doing a warming-up, run at the track in different pace groups and do a cool down. To me, that's the cool thing about running - it's basically the same thing no matter where you go. We all share the passion for this sport! 

For Michele the best running experience was the morning run at the Bund. ‘’We woke up early for a short run to see the sunrise between the skyscrapers. Doing what you like with different people from all over the world in combination with an amazing view was an impressive experience. For Paula something totally different impressed her the most: ‘’What I liked most was the community spirit between runners from different countries. You look at people you don’t know and who have a different languages. What connected us was our passion for running and our sportshoes.

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