Running in Lanzhou, Gansu province, China!

After running for more than 10.000KM and 180 days, Kai Markus – arrived last week in Lanzhou, China for a new cultural day. Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province and located next to the Yellow River. The city has more than 3,5 million inhabitants and historically it has been an important link to the Northern Silk Road.

Together with 361º team China Kai Markus & Victor planned a busy day with only one goal: get to know the culture of Lanzhou. These culture days are important because every province can have their own culture, places that are worth seeing and food specialties. In Lanzhou the Zhongshan Bridge is one of that places worth seeing. This bridge was the first permanent bridge over the Yellow River and is already more than 100 years old. Impressive! How can you build a cultural bridge between East and West better than really visiting a bridge and meet local runners?

Of course Lanzhou is not only known because of this bridge. Lanzhou is also well known in China, because of their delicious noodle recipes. Luckily Kai Markus is a big fan of Chinese food so they planned a visit at a local restaurant to make noodles with is own hands!

After Kai Markus learned about the culture and food in Lanzhou it was time to do some more sportive activities. Yes, even on his rest day Kai is in the mood to run and plan a lot of activities. This must be German discipline J #beyondexpectations. After visiting the local 361º store Kai met local runners and run a symbolic distance of 3,61KM. Another good example that running can connect!

One of the local runners is Yin Cheng, he likes running and finished already different marathons. Read below a small interview about his experiences with running in China.  


  1. Why did you start running?
  • Two years ago I started running. For me running is a very usual activity but it’s very exciting. I can clear my mind and think when I am running. The most important for me is that it’s good for my health and it’s a good way for making new friends.
  1. What distance do you like running the most?
  • I mostly like running more than 5km.
  1. Did you ever run a marathon? Where?
  • In the past two years I ran 5 marathons, the most of them where organized in Lanzhou.
  1. Which place/ path in your area you like running?
  • I really like running in the street. In this way I can see people around me, watch the trees and check out the buildings.
  1. How would you describe running in China?
  • Every year there are more running fans joining us. Which is very good, because originally the Chinese people are not big running fans. The Chinese life standards are improving day by day and we care more about our health.
  1. Do you prefer running in a group or alone?
  • Sometimes I’m running with a group and sometimes alone. In a group I can compete with the other runners and I don’t feel lonely. When I’m running alone I can think quietly and relax even more.
  1. What is your favorite running brand?
  • I really like Adidas and 361º. It’s nice to see the Chinese brand 361º expanding to international markets.
  1. Where do you buy your running equipment and how do you decide on running shoes?
  • I always read the reviews on internet and ask some runners who is having what kind of experience with the brand/shoe. Running shoes should fit perfectly and need to immediately feel comfortable.
  1. What do you like to eat before running?
  • Before I go running I don’t really eat a lot. I prefer eating after my run and recover fast   by having good food. Sometimes I drink some water and have some vitamins before I leave.

At the end of the day Kai Markus gave a speech at the Lanzhou university. In this speech the students learned about the project, the gear Kai is wearing and what it takes to run from Hamburg to Shanghai. Routine and discipline is priority!

The environment where Kai Markus is running in changes from desert to more green areas. Kai really likes the change and it feels more like home. Positive changes are really important on a journey like this, where your body and mind are tested all the time.

Coming Sunday Kai Markus & Victor are having a cultural day in Xi’an, China where they will experience new things about the culture in China. Even because the finish in Shanghai is getting closer and closer, Kai & Victor still can use the support on their last part of their journey. Follow them on social media and check out their website. 

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361º team Europe

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