finish event in Shanghai!

Last week team 361º Europe visited Shanghai for the finish of the project. An amazing running event was organised by supporters of the project. Running fans from all over the world supported Kai Markus & Victor crossing the finish line. After 12.000km and 285 days the project came to an end!

Together with Paula and Michele – running enthusiasts from Germany and Italy - we were part of this international running event. Especially for Paula and Michele it was a great experience to get to know Kai & Victor in person. ‘’Kai and Victor did so well and the event was really emotional to the people involved. What I enjoyed most were these little things. Talking to Victor while running and hearing about his experiences. Running connects people’’, Paula said after her return to Germany .

Looking back at the project, we got to know two totally different personalities - Victor and Kai - performing beyond expectations. They grew together as a great team. With extraordinary discipline, teamwork and motivation they were able to reach the finish line! During their adventure they’ve met a lot of very special people, who helped them to accomplish their life dream! Meeting those people was really important to reach their goals of building a cultural bridge and breaking down prejudice. Too bad an accident happened after 11.200KM – only one month before the planned finish date. Unfortunately, Kai Markus ended up in the hospital. For the most of us this would have meant the end but Kai Markus and Victor did not give up. Changing their roles in the project and working on the rehabilitation process of Kai made us even more proud to be one of the supporter of the project. Nobody would have expected this teamwork in the beginning.

Kai Markus & Victor are still full of spirit, motivation and ideas for the upcoming months. After the event in Shanghai Victor travelled immediately to South America to ride in a VW van with his cousin. With his spirit and motivation Kai Markus is still working on his rehabilitation. After his recovery he will start some new running adventures. We’re looking forward to see and hear new stories from both of them. Thank you two for the last year, your inspiration and positive thinking.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2018! 

361º team Europe

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