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A fracture in both of the heels takes quite long to recover, but with specific exercises in combination with supplements you can fasten this process. With this in mind, Kai Markus – started already quite soon after the accident with doing exercises in his bed. Now, a month after the accident, Kai Markus takes it even more beyond expectations in his rehabilitation process. His goal? First being able to walk as soon as possible and then making it to the finish in Shanghai together with Victor –

The first part of the rehabilitation process has actually started right after the accident. Read the tips of Kai Markus below and learn how to fasten this process.  

  1. Don’t try to move the fractured part of your body when a surgery is necessary. This will keep all the broken parts at the same location which makes it more easy to replace at the right position.
  2. There are different techniques to reduce the pain of a fracture. For example: breath strong (deep and with focus). If this doesn’t help you can take painkillers if recommended by the doctor.
  3. Prevent getting thrombosis by wearing special made socks for this and combine it with movement if possible. In Kai’s case he also got injections to prevent this and besides that he always keeps his legs up in bed.
  4. After an accident you’ll loose your muscles and motivation fast when lying in bed. For this reason, it’s important to set your own goals. Stay realistic but not soft! Try to stay in contact with friends & family and if you like use Social media. This helps to stay positive and motivated.
  5. Drinking! You need to drink at least 2-3L a day. Just water is the best for recovering. It helps to reduce the pain, prevent a headache and let you think more clear.
  6. Stay healthy by eating good food and take the right supplements like: vitamin C, D, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, proteins and omega3.
  7. Besides these tips it’s also important to stay focussed on the basics. Keep your wound clean to prevent an infection and ask for help if necessary.

To fasten a rehabilitation process after the accident, it’s important to have a good exercise routine and combine this with using the right supplements. The plan for Kai Markus is made by Prof. Dr. med. János Winkler (Fundamed). Professor János Winkler has been involved from the beginning in the project and he combines Western and traditional Chinese medicines. Besides this he’s also experienced in blood analyses and pain reduction treatments. The approach of János Winkler is important for Kai’s rehabilitation after the surgery. Below you can read why:

  1. The usage of the right supplements (Biogena) is important after the surgery. A human body starts the recovery program directly after the accident/surgery so you have to give the body bricks (energy) to rebuild them.
  2. Exercises! Of course listen to the doctor, but try to get your body in movement as soon as possible. The muscles in your body getting less strong in a short period so even small exercises keep you in shape.
  3. The body recovers faster when it gets rest. Try to do your exercises by day and sleep as much as possible at night.
  4. Metabolism is the key for recovery. Keep your mind & body going. If you’re a very active person like Kai, you may face problems doing so. For him it was not easy to stay in bed the first period but he did the exercises he could do.
  5. It’s possible that you feel pain in different parts than the location of the fracture. Kai needed quite a long time to find why he had pain in different parts of his leg. Professor Winkler made a special check to find out where it came from and it turned out that the plaster cast used the first days put some pressure on a nerve in his lower leg. Always check with the doctor if you think something is wrong.

Professor Winkler even came to visit Kai Markus in Yichang last week to check the healing process, helping Kai with exercises and doing some tests. He checked the wound and they agreed to use marigold cream to cure the wound and support the skin to repair itself as good as possible. They also did an acupuncture session to reduce the pain and anti stress the body. Professor Winkler made also a new Biogena supplement plan for Victor, because he’s now running beyond expectations! Victor is still very focussed on the running, especially after he has relalized that he can't continue with his vintage Volkswagen 

There are many people who don’t care about the speed of the recovery. It sounds normal, but science also proofed that smoking and drinking alcohol is slowing down the recovery process. So if you’re injured it’s a good time to quit smoking!

Note of Kai Markus:

‘’These recommendations are made by my own experiences and please ask a doctor before making use of them. I'm not a doctor but I learned one thing: Listen to your body and do the right exercises at the right time to help you recover faster. Good luck’’

Next week you’ll read about Kai’s experiences and personal goals in his rehabilitation process. Even Kai - with a lot of discipline - had some difficulties in his rehabilitation process and he experienced it’s not always easy to stay positive. Every body will experience good & bad periods after an accident like this. Try to stay positive and set your own realistic goals!


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