Kai and his helping hand Victor

Kai has already been running for 76 days. This week he crossed the border to Uzbekistan - the 6th country of the journey - means almost halfway and only two countries left! To get this far, Kai Markus gets support from a lot of people around the world. One of them is Victor. He’s is one of the most important team members in this project.

Victor lives in Hamburg - Kai does too and likes to travel – Kai does too. The difference between the two guys is that Victor does not like to run. He has a strong passion for vintage cars. That is why he decided to join Kai driving from Hamburg to Shanghai in the ‘’Buggavan’’. They came up with this name, because Victor is driving in a 1984 VW bug combined with a small caravan. On this trip Victor´s job is not only driving the car – he is also responsible for the logistics and supplies on their way. The caravan is Kai´s and Victor´s mobile home that they use for storage of supplies and to sleep in.


A lot of things can cause delays or injuries. To prevent most of the problems on their daily travel, Kai & Victor have agreed to some routines. Check out the video about travelling together.

The real adventure has just started, because they entered the desert! This means less populated areas, overnight stays in the desert, rare reception and the detailed planning to secure food and water reserves. Kai and Victor – you are #beyondexpectations!


Stay tuned


Team 361º Europe


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