Kai Markus’ @runmysilkroad 361° Sensation 2 test run – 700 km from Hamburg to Nuremburg – the perfect fit

Kai Markus has mastered his test run perfectly within the last two weeks. Nothing has stopped him – neither wind and extreme weather conditions like snow and ice – nor a cold that he has caught just before he started his first long run.

Kai ran for  8 hours for 14 days, carrying his 20kg backpack with him, covering considerable mileage every day. Even the minus temperatures did not keep him away from spending a couple of nights in his tent, to complete this important test run, as part of his preparation for his upcoming expedition. However, it is fair to say he also appreciated the many overnight invitations from friends and acquaintances on the way to Nuremburg. Yet again, Kai has proved his physical and mental ability to make his lifetime dream happen - to run from Hamburg to Shanghai @runmysilkroad, which starts early March 2017.

This is the first time he was able to road test all the equipment, essentially Sensation 2, a stable running shoe by the brand 361° covering the entire distance of 540 km, as well as the 200km of training.  Now, Kai Markus is more than convinced: "I really did not expect the shoe to look like that after a distance of more than 700km, with the daily load of my own weight and of the backpack. The shoe has not only worked on asphalt, but also in the forest or in the mountains - as well harsh weather conditions of snow and ice. The Sensation 2 helped me to pursue my goal and to perform beyond my expectations."

The Sensation 2 shoe has now proven its ability to sustain endurance running beyond expectation, this a true testament to the brand and offers more confidence to the next chapter, the ‘@runmysilkroad’ tour, the 235 day run covering, 8 countries and 12,000km, from Germany to China, which is about a completely different route and different circumstances. The first test was positive and Kai Markus can recommend the Sensation 2 with conviction to all runners out there.   It is to be noted that Kai suffered only one blister, throughout his whole 700km run, which was actually caused by a broken hiking shoe on the first day. Kai Markus says: "Thumbs up to the 361° Sensation 2!"

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