Beyond Your Expectations – Ambassador Kick-off weekend

What a fantastic weekend. 22 European 361° brand ambassadors were invited to Haarlem – the city where the 361° European Headquarters is located. We have given the ambassador an opportunity to share and inspire one other to go beyond expectations. Spending time with ambassadors from all over Europe cemented the feeling as a team and how the team is united in their aims to run beyond your expectations. This was also a time for them to engage deeper with 361°. To experience that the brand is not a big faceless brand, but a small team who want to get to know all the Ambassador closely.


All ambassadors arrived in the early morning on Friday and were dropped off directly at the office where they were welcomed them with a breakfast and coffee. After an introduction of the brand 361° and a great intro session of all the ambassadors they learned how to improve their video skills on social media before a boat picked them up and took them to their hotel. All the ambassadors ran the 10K local race – Grachtenloop – on Friday night. What a fun event – everyone took their own pace – some of our ambassadors ran their PB others were chatting while running through the city of Haarlem. Finally, all together enjoyed some 361° recovery beers at a local beer pub. The Saturday started with a Yoga class at the beach – not really at the beach because the weather was not perfectly sunny – but the venue was great selected – a beach bar called Rapa Nui – directly located at the beach. After the relaxing yoga class the group enjoyed two workshops – one of them with a famous cyclist influencer Juliet Elliott from the UK. In the afternoon, the group had a sunny beach run and enjoyed the beautiful nature of the dunes. The barbecue with drinks was the perfect finish of this inspiring weekend. It was a great chance to have fun. For many of them, they have been running in a new country for the first, they have engaged with a different culture, met new people and left their individual comfort zone.  

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