361º Sensation 2 awarded as Best Runner’s World Debut.

We are very happy to announce that the 361º Sensation 2 has been awarded as Best Debut in the Runner's World Germany Issue 4! Read the review about the Sensation 2 below.

Runner's World Germany - Shoe review Spring issue 17/4

361° Sensation 2 – 130 Euro

361° is not yet well known in Europe but it is one of the sporting goods giants in China. As the #2 Chinese sports brand it’s already selling more shoes compared to some big competitors coming from Europe and the USA. 361° running shoes have improved a lot; the Sensation 2 has been reviewed by testers as a very good all-round running shoe. Testers really like the cushioning and comfort of this shoe; “the perfect combination of cushioning and stability”. The Sensation 2 feels much lighter than it’s actual weight. Reason for this positive feeling is the geometry of the platform which allows runners to also go faster in this shoe. “Fit and feel remind me of the Asics GT models”, say 2 testers independently. The Sensation 2 is also suitable for heavier runners.

The balance between firm and flexible

One tester (70 kilos) has already logged more than 800KM in the Sensation 2; the platform still looks quite good. The construction of the platform needs to be long lasting on one hand but needs to provide flexibility and cushioning as well; this requires combining both firmer and softer materials. The solution has been a mix of various materials and a clever way of creating flex grooves in both the mid- and outsole components.

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