First week and border crossing runmysilkroad

First week and border crossing

We are proud – Kai lately crossed his first border and is currently running in Poland! After one week and and 490 KM from the start in Hamburg Kai arrived safely in the new territory.

When we talked to Kai today and asked him about a summary of his week, he basically answered satisfied: ‘’I’m really happy about my result of the first week. I didn’t encounter any big problems and got a lot of support by local people and running fans on my way.’’

However, Kai encountered a small problem in the first week of his run. He twisted his feet when he had to jump away from a truck, but luckily he could resume his journey. After 5 days Kai arrived safely in the capital city Berlin. Kai and Victor parked the car near the Brandenburger Tor and got a lot of support from the passing people.


Kai’s first border crossing was in day 7 from Müncheberg (GER) to Krzeszyce (POL) - A very long stage of 70 KM. Kai and Victor have already implemented a routine while Kai runs a stage of a very long distance. Victor (Soletsgo360) is driving about 5-10 km ahead and waits for Kai with something to drink and eat. ''It’s really important that you provide your body with enough energy. Not only for the day itself, but also for the coming days. Food in combination with the right supplements keeps me going and reduces the change of injuries.''

‘’It’s really nice to see that the people have their own story with our project. For example, I have spoken to people that have family in Kazakhstan in a city that I will be passing, so they asked if I am able to take a picture and post it on Facebook when I will be arriving there.’’ And Kai of course said yes since he is not only running because he likes it – the focus of his journey is more about the cultural aspect and brining cultures and people closely together.

Review: first pair of sensation 2

Kai has been running about 500 km on his first 361° Sensation 2 and is more than satisfied with the overall result and performance. ‘’The shoes are perfectly stable and comfortable. And a big plus on my trip I haven't got cold feet. After 500 km in different circumstances the shoe still feel and look great’’

On his journey Kai will be running in different 361º shoes to share his experience and feedback on the specific styles with us. And guess what?! We could not get a better tester ;)

P.S. Did you know the 361º Sensation 2 Kai is running on has been awarded for Best Runner's World Debut in: Runner's World Germany - shoe review Spring issue 17/


And here a tip from Kai to all the runners out there: When you’re running long distances always be aware of some small stones and dirt getting in your shoes. Wearing thin socks while running helps to keep comfort and avoid blisters in the long run.

Thumbs up for Kai so far. Germany is left behind and Poland is reached already. #beyondexpectations We are very proud and are excited to present Kai's next week stories.


Stay tuned.


361° Team Europe


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