First rest day of @runmysilkroad in Poznań (Poland)

Tuesday 21th of March Kai had his first well deserved rest day in Poznań. In his route plan Kai have planned a rest day about every 9 days in a city he’s passing and he where he's interested in. His journey is about building a cultural bridge, bringing people together and learning about new cultures.

In Posen - his family joined him on the cultural day. His family is really important to Kai and gives him new energy for his long journey. ’’When I’m running I have a picture of my family on the background of my watch. It’s really important and good for my motivation to see my family every time I look down to my watch.’’.

Kai’s impression about Poznań is that people are really friendly if you need any help. The old tradition of Poznan and citizen is difficult to find in the city, but he liked to hear some rap and other music in Polish language. Kai said: ‘’Polish music feels so different and at the same time so familiar. Music and running connects :)’’

See some pictures about the cultural day with Victor and his family in Poznań.

Milestone of 1000KM reached!

Today, the 24th of March Kai reached his first milestone of 1000KM and 361º Europe is very proud of this performance! 1000KM in 13 days - What an achievement already!

The upcoming days Kai will be running trough Poland and crosses the border to Belarus next Tuesday the 28th of March. Belarus will be the third country of eight on his way to Shanghai. 

Kai, keep up the good work!


361° Team Europe

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