The first experiences of Kai Markus in China

Last week Kai Markus - crossed the border to China - his second home country. China might be the country with the biggest cultural differences on his journey. Is that really true, or is this just a prejudice? Read about his first impressions of the area near the border of Kyrgyzstan to China. 

“I'm happy – yes, I finally arrived in China! What a journey so far and what an experience. The next 6000 KM will be hard but I am still sure all the pain will pay off! I really like the people in the area near the city Kashgar. They all care for my project and I really have the feeling that they support as much they can to finish this project successfully. This is totally different from what I expected. I heard several stories that this area can be dangerous, but luckily I didn't experience this at all. 

Of course it is a different culture - we have to follow their habits. But It is amazing to experience that there are a lot of similarities between the culture of Chinese and Europeans. We all love our families and want to take care for the ones we care about. We just express that in different ways. For example in China the people are taking care for the society and think big. In Europe the individual families are more important - people think small.


I need to say that the food in China really helps my body to recover fast. The Chinese food is perfect for being active and includes lot of energy to accomplish my daily goals. Of course there is not one style of typical Chinese food. China's several provinces provide their own specialties. What's interesting to experience is that Chinese have a great understanding on how food can influence the performance and well-being.

I'm looking forward to the heritage and the history in the Chinese cities I will be passing. Every new place is an adventure and a place worth for me to explore. Every city has their own historical story which impresses Victor and me the most. I cannot wait to finally visit the places where my family lives – but until then I will have more than 3500 KM ahead.

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