First conclusion: 32 days of running - passing 3 borders - using 4 pairs of the 361º Sensation2! Time to ask Kai Markus about his experiences within in the first month of his journey

After more than a month of running, Kai Markus and Victor are getting more and more used to their new lifestyle. By running everyday and living closely together they have to make good arrangements and hold on to their daily routine. This week Kai already crossed the 3th border from Belarus to Russia. Time for the first conclusion.  

1. Running everyday and performing #beyondexpections you and Victor started to have a daily routine. How does your average day look like?

After waking up we determine the day route, check the material and watch the weather forecast. We also check the political news to know if we can expect any trouble on our route. After having breakfast and preparing some protein shakes and vitamins I start my running day.

While running I meet up with Victor every 5-10 km for protein shake, drink or food. During longer breaks we record some movies and take pictures or we already discuss the next stage. At the end of the day when I’m finished the stage running we usually buy some food, water and other supplies if Victor didn’t buy those already while I was running. For the evening we try find a coffee shop in the city for a good coffee and charge the batteries of the phones and cameras. We also update our social media or blog and have dinner together.

2. You and Victor usually share a bed or sleep next to each other in the Caravan. How do you deal with each other's personal habits? E.g. is snoring an issue?

Haha, if one of us is snoring than we just put in ear sticks. We are on an adventure, so we can't be sensitive for these kind of things. We are travelling together and we have to deal with each other's habits. That's called a professional understanding. Just focus and follow the schedule. Routine and discipline is the key to success!

Usually we sleep in the caravan but sometimes we stay in a guesthouse. We are trying to save costs and share one room or bed. That's cheaper since we don’t want to waste money.  Still we need more financial support and that’s something I have to care about. Sometimes we get accommodations sponsored or donated by others and some have separate rooms. But that makes no difference for us. We even share the shaver, toothpaste and other things. It’s just like family!

3. Crossing the border from Belarus to Russia took you a long time. What happened and do you and Victor have a strategy when you walk into any problems on your journey? Like playing good cop bad cop?

No, we do not need a strategy. We believe that good behaviour and respect the law always leads into a good end. If we make a mistake we have to face reality and consequences. We respect the law in other countries and we expect other people behave the same way in our home country. Even we don't understand or don't like the law we adjust to it. Until now we have experienced only kind and open officers at the borders. We have nothing to hide.  

Crossing the border from Belarus to Russia took a lot of time because we had to unpack the entire car and caravan. We also didn't have the required document with us to leave the country by car, so this caused a lot of problems. For that reason, our car got blocked and we had to pay $200. This payment is officially and regularly according the law and we could transfer it by bank.

4. You have been experienced many different countries and cultures already. How do you get in contact with local people and how do you communicate when they don’t speak German/English?

Even if we don’t speak the same language, we can communicate with local people by saying common words, using our hands and just being friendly. With this strategy most of the people understand what we mean. Sometimes we are able to find people that help us to translate which helps to communicate with the locals. Luckily the national TV of Belarus made a video in Russian. This movie helps tremendously to explain our goals and the reason for our trip to China. There are also some words in Russian on our caravan to help people to understand the purpose of our journey.

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Stay tuned & Happy Easter

Team 361º Europe

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