Made it to the cultural day in Dunhuang, China!

Last week Kai Markus – and Victor – had a great cultural experience in Dunhuang, China. But days before entering the city Dunhuang they had some problems with the car. With a bit of luck they made it to the Cultural day in time!

Running from west to east over the Silk Road is not the easiest way for traveling. Because of the heterogeneous conditions – e.g. roads and weather - this really is a test for your mind, body and material. These conditions are not only difficult for Kai Markus, but also for the VW Bug of Victor traveling with him. Days before the cultural day in Dunhuang the car had some problems and driving got more and more difficult. Stopping was no option because it was important to reach Dunhuang in time for the planned cultural activities. After doing detailed research they saw the clutch plate of the car was broken. Spare parts for a German car from 1984 are rare in China, so Kai & Victor made a plan together with 361º Europe to solve this problem. The plan was made: 361º Team Europe sent a new clutch plate to China and meanwhile Kai & Victor were trying to find a replacement car and a garage on their road for repairing the car. After finding a location for the car, 361º team China took over and together with friends they organised the transport to Dunhuang. This plan worked out well and Kai and Victor made it in time for the cultural day!

New car parts for Kai Markus & Victor

Cultural day in Dunhuang

Dunhuang is a Chinese city in Gansu province. This city with a population of about 200.000 people is best known for the Jade Gate Pass and the nearby Mogao Caves . The cultural day started early in the morning with visiting the Jade Gate Pass. This small square castle was an important trading gateway along the silk road. Because the project of Kai is about building a cultural bridge between East and West this was a mandatory highlight to visit on their way to Shanghai.

A small impression of the cultural day in Dunhuang.

In the afternoon Kai visited the Mogao caves nearby Dunhuang. These Buddhist caves exists out of 735 caves, which is quite impressive! These caves where used as a deposit for historical and cultural exchanges between China and other nations and known for their Buddhist art. Trading between different countries is exactly why the silk road near the city was so important back in the days.

After Dunhuang, friends provided a car that helped them a lot to avoid any further delays. Obviously they still needed to fix the VW bug and Kai needed to continue running his journey. Due to time pressure Kai and Victor decided to continue separately and will meet again later with a brand ‘’new’’ VW bug. Stay updated at the Facebook pages of Kai Markus and Victor and see if they will receive the spare parts to continue their journey together to Shanghai.

On his journey Kai has run through 8 countries.Running for Kai is the best way to understand the differences in cultures and get to know the habits of the locals. Running connects people and Kai will continue to connect with a lot of people on his way because this keeps him motivated.

Stay tuned,

361° Team Europe 

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