Student to athlete

Meet Tom! 2,5 years ago he decides to change his life. From a fat student to athlete. This weekend he’ll chase his dream in the most important race of his life! Check out his full story in the video below!

In the very beginning of my journey I couldn’t really swim, bike or run. I remember I  was going for a 5km run and after 3km I was totally exhausted. I thought how am I ever going to run a half marathon, within a triathlon.

The hardest part for me, from a non sporty student to a triathlete was at the point when I wanted to take the sport really seriously. My friends were going to parties and they were constantly questioning why I was training instead of joining them. I didn’t have any results so it was hard to convince them why I really wanted to do this.

With my first Ironman in Barcelona I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally. Competing in an Ironman is really a mental battle between your body and mind. It really get’s you mentally and it defines you as an athlete. During an Ironman you can definitely see who’s mentally tough and who’s not.

Follow Tom in his daily life and stay up to date about his results in the Triathlon competition. 




Tom Oosterdijk

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